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Série de cinco artigos sobre a “Primavera Árabe” e a participação da União Africana no processo feita sob a ótica do professor pós-colonialista Siba Grovogui. Os textos foram extraídos do blog “The Disorder of Things” e representam fundamental contraponto às análises presentes no mainstream acadêmico e na mídia ocidental.

O objetivo da série, nas palavras do próprio professor:

(…) is not therefore to examine the meaning and implications of the absence of ‘Africa’ on the battlefield of Libya, but to point to the larger geopolitical implications of the intervention for international order, global democratic governance, and the promotion of democratic ideals and political pluralism in the region undergoing revolution and beyond.

To begin, it is not just ‘Africa’, ‘African indecision’, and ‘African non-Normativity’ that are at stake in the characterization of African actions or inactions. Much of what is construed as ‘lack’ or ‘absence’ in Africa is also intended to give sustenance to the idea of the indispensability of the West – composed on this occasion by France, Great Britain, the United States, and tangentially Canada – to the realization of the central ends of the MENA Spring. The myth of the centrality of the West to the imaginary of freedom everywhere is inscribed in the name given to the events under description.


 Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Parte 4

Parte 5